Z Axis - Managed to reduce noise a bit

The Z-Axis on my Genesis XL is very noisy. I have realigned the lead screw and the stepper motor but it hasn’t helped.

I then realised that the cross-slide plate vibrates a lot. Inserting some 3D printed silent blocks around the leadscrew block has helped to reduce these virbrations a little bit. The Z Axis is still noisy but less so than before.

Designing these silent blocks is trivial but I saved a copy of the STL on Thingiverse to save time (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4485690).

Filament: TPU (Ninjaflex in this instance), printed at 100% infill.


Thanks for sharing. I have the same noise issue. I sprayed special dust resistant silicone, but it didn’t help. I’m going to try your idea!

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Hey FarmBot Forum!

The best and most effective way to reduce noise and friction on the leadscrew is to add a dry graphite spray on lubricant.

We have found a product called Jig-a-Loo Graphite Lubricant and we suggest that you use this to significantly reduce friction on the FarmBot Z-Axis lead screw. There are similar products from Germany. You should apply enough graphite lubricant so that the hue of the screw should look significantly darker than the original silver metallic color. You should use enough graphite lubricant so that the screw should appear black or dark grey. This will allow the screw to operate without friction and vibrations.

Here is a YouTube video that shows how the product is used and the typical applications. It is a perfect product to use on the lead screw.

If you can’t find Graphite Extreme there is also similar lubricants ZEP Dry-Film Graphite Lubricant, ABUS PS 88 - Spray Gleitmittel (Germany Graphit Schmiermittel Spray)

These products will also likely work just as well.


Thanks @Marc . I had tried the graphite spray already but like @socalrob, it didn’t help.

used the CRC product, only slight noise reduction, has anyone put dampeners on the stepper motor mount itself, I happen to have a few to try out but before I go through the hassle. would like to hear if this has been tried?

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Has anyone tried EMQ and/or ceramic bearings? Most of the noise seems to come from the unit vibrating. Fancier bearings may help.

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