Z-Axis motor plug?


I’ve been installing the Z-Axis cables and got to the point in the attached photo

The black plug does not match the motor. All the cables labelled Z are accounted for, the cable in question was the correct length and had the expected round connector on the other end. It is possible I have been given a cable matching another model of motor?


Sorry I’ve found the other cable for the motor, but now I don’t know what the black plug is for.

@robinhilliard What model Farmbot are you assembling ?
Is that black plug same as the X and Y encoder cables at the Farmduino end ? I.e. could the Z axis encoder cable be back-to-front ?


Sorry for all the questions . . I don’t have any hardware readily at hand to check out for myself.


You may have the ends of the Z-Axis cable reversed. All the black connectors belong back at the Farmduino control board. The white connectors belong at the motors.

This is a FarmBot Genesis v1.4 but the connectors should be similar at the Farmduino electronics box.

The connectors on the motor ends of the Z-Axis encoder and Z-Axis motor cables are white. Can you check to see if you have a white connector at your Farmduino electronics box? If you see a white connector at the electronics box side, you will need to carefully pull out that cable and re-wire it back to the Z-Axis motor.

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Thanks both of you - if I’d read further ahead I would have realised my assumption about all the Z labels going through the Z axis cable guide being incorrect, and I’d have kept looking for the correct cable (it was bundled with some X/Y cables and I didn’t see it in my first few searches).

No harm done, is there a way I can submit a PR to add a quick aside to the docs at this point, or is it not relevant to the newer models? Or maybe it should have a “Y” label?


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