Z axis movements super slow sometimes

I just got my genesis v1.4 system up and running 3 years after ordering it (long story). One issue I’ve run into is that sometimes Z movements are super super slow (sub 1mm/s).

I’ve done a bunch of debugging to try to figure out when it is slow but I can’t find anything specific. I did a big round of planting carrots and everytime it got a seed it was fast but putting into the soil was slow. I noticed during the acceleration period it didn’t experience slowness.

I did find some topics about overflow on X axis overflow but it looked like those were already resolved.

I added a video of it getting a seed quickly, then moving down slowly after a “normal” acceleration of 12mm.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I reflashed the firmware and rebooted and it seems to be working now. Maybe the initial setup doesn’t flash the newest firmware.