Z-Axis Not moving

Hey Guys,

One of the Farmbots in the Lab, the z-axis doesn’t move up nor down and we have changed the leadscrew as well as the coupler but no luck

Any help would be appreciated


Hi @DAA Sorry to hear about the motor issues. I am taking a look now.

@DAA A few things:

  1. I have upgraded your device to a new version. Please leave this version set until we solve the problem. Also, please leave the device turned ON while we investigate.
  2. When you push the buttons to move the Z axis, does the motor move at all ? Does it make noise or is the motor completely silent?
  3. Can you please verify that the Z axis encoder and motor cable are plugged in on both ends? Sometimes the cables will become unplugged due to vibration.


Hi, this is the farmbot that has the Z-axis issue

1.The device is turned on
2.The motor moves and it seems to get stuck in between sometimes and it makes noise
3.The motors are plugged it properly


@DAA OK, sorry about that. I was looking at the device that you mentioned in past support requests. In the future, please include your device ID with the request so that I can remotely inspect the device.

I will take a look now.

Sure, I will mention the Device ID the next time. Roger that


@DAA Some of your values for settings like steps/mm may have been set too high. I am temporarily reverting them to default values.

Are you using the same stepper motor drivers that came with your device from the factory?

Additionally, did the Z-Axis stop working recently, or is this the initial setup of the device?

Yes, the same ones from the farmbot installation box.

No, it wasn’t working from a very long time since the z-axis leadscrew and coupler was bent.

So we just replaced those and itn’t working even after the swapping them.

OK, I am going to move this conversation to a private message so that I can get more information. I might not be able to solve the problem today (it is a holiday here in the USA and the office is closed).

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