Z axis not working properly


The z-axis on our FarmBot is not working properly most of the time. I say most of the time because there are times where it will go down fine and then go up very slowly and make it half way. There are other times where the motor will simply not have enough power to spin the axis to go up at all. We are able to hear the motor working to try to spin, but it just simply can’t.

If I use my hand and give a slight push upward, the motor will slowly spin and raise the z-axis. I have to keep pushing the whole time that it goes up, it isn’t just a one push to get over a certain spot.

I have also tested the current and the z-motor is receiving enough power.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to possibly fix this issue?


Hi, To me it sounds like your Z-axis is binding. Either the V-wheels are not aligned properly, or the cable guide is causing lots of drag.

It’s similar in my case. But I have checked all wheels and lines already and if I separate the whole from the engine and raise by hand, I find that it is very easy. Where does the engine even recognize that it has too much load, at the power consumption? Can one adjust because of any parameters what?
Also sways the threaded rod in the devaluation so strong that the noise is already violent, is that the same with you? When going up, the noise level is very pleasant.
Many Thanks.

I would also look to see if you have surface contamination on the lead screw that is causing friction. You may want to try using a spray-on dry teflon lubricant for the lead screw. Also consider disassembling the lead screw and thread block and look inside the thread block with a magnifying glass to check for damage.

How did you exactly test that?

Could you please post your complete config in the webapp?