Z-Axis stalling

Hi all,

After the replacement of the Farmduino board the setup is working so far but we seem tohave hit a snag during testing for the Z-axis.

It has no issues going down but if we set it to go up greater than 10mm per move, we will get a stall error and needs to unlock,

We have done the following based on the recommendations in the forum and also on the Farmbot online documentation:

  1. Making sure the spacer for the z-axis is set properly so that the z-axis does not wobble,

  2. Halfing the max speed for z-axis and doubling the accelerate distance

  3. Spraying a z-axis leadscrew with a graphite lubricant to improve the grip.

After these steps we are still getting stalling when we try to bring up the z-axis for any lengths greater than 10mm (100mm or more)

Any insightsvto overcome this problem?



Ok i just found this in the threads going to give it a try first with these settings to see if the z-axis improves. Will update

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Unfortunately the error relative movement error still appears :face_with_spiral_eyes: hope to solve this soon as the school has a deadline to launch :pensive:

We have just updated the default settings for Express bots. I encourage you to try the new settings, which do have stall detection for the Z-axis disabled. While taking this action will remove the ability to detect stalls on that axis, it should allow reliable movements through the full range of the Z-axis going both up and down.

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