Z-Axis will not go to minimum position

Hello! I am not able to get the z-axis to move properly. Using the controller, the robot will not go to the minimum position. When doing the calibration, the z axis has sporadic readings and ultimately does not stop moving down once it has reached its lowest position and the same for the highest position.

Are there any approaches to being able to change the sensor locations for the Z-axis? Is there a hardware deficiency where I need to order a replacement part? The X and Y axis move properly and get the right readings for their max and min. However, the z-axis I have not been able to fix.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 10.42.54 AM

Hi @PastFarmBot What bot model has the problem ?

Hello @jsimmonds! It is a Genesis v.1.5 model

To provide more clarity, when running the z motors, arm does not know when it has reached its lowest location, so it continues to run and does not shut off even if it is has hit the top of the soil. Additionally, when trying to set the lowest possible location, it does not provide any readings in regards to setting the axis length.

@PastFarmBot Have you checked that the Z-Encoder is working ?

Are my encoders working? | FarmBot Genesis Documentation

Hello @jsimmonds! Yes, I have gone through the encoder documentation. I have been able to go through each of the potential solutions, except for the solutions that suggest using an oscilloscope.

@PastFarmBot may I suggest you contact FarmBot Inc. for official support ?

Thank you @jsimmonds! I have reached out to the official support and they will be sending a replacement motor and encoder to see if that resolves the issue.

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