Z motor drive problem

Dear Farmbot,
We are assembling the XL1.6. We are experiencing a problem with the Z motor not running properly.
I gave the forward and reverse commands (up or down) but the motor is running as follows.

Next I swapped the wires from Z to Y and clicked on the Y axis command and the Z motor ran normally.
This establishes that the motor and wires are working properly.
Next I swapped Electronics Box but same result
(We ordered 12 farmbots :laughing:)

Now what I am not sure of is…
・Firmware problem
・1 pin of the motor driver is disconnected

What should I do next?



The next step is to turn off the rotary encoders and test to see if the motors will turn smoothly.

Then you can review this page:

Thank you. We will turn off the rotary encoders and test again.
We bought the 12 FarmbotXLs that arrived
8 of them were 2.6m Camera Cable.
Only 4 of the normal 4.1m Camera Cable.
When can we get the replacement parts?

We found that not all sd cards or arduino have software installed in them.
After we reinstalled FarmbotOS and updated the Firmware according to this documentation, everything became fine.

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