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This category is for K-12 teachers, university professors, and other educators who are using (or would like to use) FarmBot as a teaching tool. Feel free to discuss FarmBot school implementation strategies, funding opportunities/tips, pedagogy, and more.

For issues that are not education specific, please use the other forum categories such as Troubleshooting or Gardening Tips and Tricks.

That’s a good category Rory. We have several schools interested in Farmbot there in the UK especially Special Needs schools where it can be a focus for teaching without formal methods.


Do you have any examples or instances of instructors using Farmbot in a classroom? What about use in the Midwest? We are seriously looking at purchasing a Farmbot. Thank you for getting back to me.

Would love to post suggestions and positive comments on how we are using our Farmbot but currently can’t as we haven’t received ours yet. Ordered in June for July delivery. Still haven’t received it and can’t get anyone from company to contact me about when we will be receiving it. Kinda feel like I have been taken to cleaners on this. Will gladly share if and when we receive it.

There are many schools throughout the world that have received FarmBots as part of our first production run, and many more that will receive v1.3 kits over the coming weeks. Hopefully some of the instructors will discuss their successes and challenges here in the forum!

Was just contacted by Rory and given a timetable for delivery. Thank you for that. As soon as I receive product, I will post that it has been received and proceed from there. We have plans to utilized Farmbot in the greenhouse during the winter months. We have raised beds we installed this summer in anticipation of the product and designed them to fit the Farmbot. It seems that the holdup with communication has been folks changing positions in the company and I simply fell victim to small company growing pains and fell through the cracks.

We have received our farmbot and it has been constructed. It was online briefly but is now disconnected. We have the high school robotics team working with it but they are struggling. We did not anticipate it would be this difficult to run.

Hello everyone,

I am a student at Boston College and my classmates and I are doing a Marketing research project on FarmBot. We are aiming to come up with innovative marketing strategies for FarmBot, specifically for the education sector. So we want to better understand your perspective and how FarmBot could market better to educators. If you could take a few minutes to answer these questions, we would appreciate any feedback you are willing to share!

1.Why did you choose to get FarmBot?
2.How do you typically learn about new technologies to implement in the classroom, such as FarmBot?
3.Have you implemented Farmbot into the classroom? What insights did the project create for you?
4.Would you recommend this as an educational project to others?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.

Hello, would you be happy to share the results of your research with us ?


I am a math and coding teacher in Alajuela, Costa Rica! I would very much like to supplement my classes with FarmBot. Is there any pre-build, implement or activity that I could consider. I have 6th graders and they speak English. We don’t have a FarmBot yet, here in CR but we are working on sourcing funds to get one soon!

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Great Idea.