Better Device Settings Descriptions

Hi all,

I have added more robust descriptions of every device parameter to the software documentation hub: I hope this helps clarify what each parameter does, and when and how you should change them.

Thank you @Klimbim for having a lengthy conversation this morning with me and providing the feedback needed to make this happen.

If anyone has further questions, please ask them here.


Ah that is really useful Rory, thanks.

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Hi Rory ,my farmbot has been installed and has been linked to the Web APP, but now I don’t know how to debug and calibrate. Please help me. I can’t find the debug and calibrate manual on

Have you looked at the software documentation hub and the calibration and homing page yet? What specifically do you need help with?

My farmbot is very slow. What do I need to do to improve my speed?I was wrong when I was testing the sequences, what was the problem?

Have a look into the documentation. There is a setting called speed something this defines the speed the bot is traveling at.

Regarding your second comment: I am still waiting since month as the first error message appeared on an explanation… the debugging functionality of FB without any additional means / cables is very very poor!

Could not find ____ by id: usually means that FarmBot needs to be synced. Try rebooting FarmBot and syncing again.

There was an idea a while back to have a collection of common error messages with explanations and possible solutions.

cabriel thank you, I’ve got it

Klimbim ,is the speed document as shown in the picture or other? please screenshots !

You will need to set the max speed but yours is already very high!!!

Could you please tell us where you bought the bot and which version you have?

I bought it at
Version is 1.2 V
Although the max speed setting is very high, but the farmbot is slow, what do I need to do?

I guess that there is microstepping active. Some ramps resellers ship them with jumpers already connected. Unfortunately right now I can’t give you precise information where to look at. Maybe you can try using the search function of the forum first using the keyword ‘microstepping’.

thanks for your reply,I still hope someone can solve this problem for me.

As @Ascend mentioned, you might have micro-stepping enabled, which would cause your FarmBot to move very slowly. On your RAMPS board, there should be not be any jumpers underneath the stepper drivers. If there are any jumpers there, remove them to disable micro-stepping and allow your FarmBot to move more quickly.

If that doesn’t work, perhaps @NicolasWeFarmbot has some additional information about your hardware that will help you.

You can see in this thread a picture where black jumpers are connected (they are blue circled)… Check this position on your board and unplug them.

If you still have trouble with your speed open a new topic so that this one wont get spammed with different troubleshootings.

@roryaronson&@Ascend thanks for your feedback , I have checked that the A4988 does not micro-stepping enable(As shown in the picture)

@NicolasWeFarmbot can you provide any useful information?