Can't connect through Wifi, only through ethernet after updating to ver.7



I’ve got 3 sets of farmbots running next to each other. All 3 were running smoothly until I decided to update the OS when ver. 7 came out. I updated one of the farmbots, and since then I have been unable to connect through wifi. Using ethernet cable works without any problems. I’ve tried reflashing the SD numerous times, rebooting the FB, etc, but nothing works.

Basically after running the configuration, the FB reboots, the blue light flashes endlessly, and the farmbot-XXXX wifi continues to appear on the network. I am running these farmbots at a university, but it shouldn’t be a wifi/port problem since this particular farmbot used to run fine until the update. The other 2 farmbots are still running fine under ver.6.4.11. over wifi. I was thinking maybe it is something in the OS update that is causing it.

But then yesterday the problem got worse. When I plug in the farmbot to configure it using wifi, no flashing blue light appears anymore. No farmbot-XXXX appears on the network anymore. But when I use the ethernet cable to connect, the farmbot works perfectly.

I don’t understand what is causing this. Any help is appreciated!



There should be a message saying what happened. Can you please screenshot it and share it?


Hi Connor,

You mean the message from the configuration screen? Yes, there was a message when I tried connecting with wifi, but unfortunately I didn’t screenshot/copy it when it appeared. I do remember it had a message with “error, :nxdomain” followed by a lengthy message which I can’t remember now.

The reason I can’t get the error message anymore is because the farmbot-XXXX network doesn’t appear anymore (no blue light flashing either), it doesn’t seem like the farmbot is responding without an ethernet cable. I wasn’t expecting this to happen so I didn’t copy the error message immediately.

When I pull out the power cable, plug in the ethernet cable, and then plug the power cable back into the socket, it connects by itself without having to go to to run the configuration. The blue and green LEDs light up and I just sync on the web app and the farmbot runs fine.

I don’t know if this matters, but I should mention that I couldn’t connect through wifi when I flashed the SD card with the latest 7.0.1.img or with the previous 6.4.9.img file. The SD card is currently flashed with the previous version (the OS version on the web app is 7.0.1). The blue light stopped flashing and the farmbot-XXXX stopped appearing on the network after I tried restarting the farmbot several times (by pulling out and plugging in) with the previous .img file flashed.

Let me know if there are other places I can check for error messages. Thanks



I just reflashed the SD card with the latest version and ran the configuration page with wifi (the farmbot-XXXX appeared on my network). The results are exactly the same as I wrote in my first post. I went back to the configuration page and I managed to copy the message:

I then connected with an ethernet cable and ran the configuration page, and now the farmbot is connected and running again. So for some reason, I can’t connect with wifi.


nxdomain means FarmBot can’t reach the configured server. If you didn’t change the server (you would know if you did), this means that something is preventing FarmBot from resolving the ip address of the Please check any firewalls settings on your network.


I see, but the thing is, I didn’t change anything except update to the new OS and flash the SD card a few times, nothing else. The other 2 farmbots are running fine with the old version. So I am just wondering whether there are changes in v.7 that is perhaps causing this? Or could this be a hardware problem, maybe something is not working consistently as it should (since I suddenly couldn’t connect to the farmbot to run wifi configurations earlier)? I don’t know anything about hardware and software, so I am grasping at straws here…

I’ve doubled checked with our IT people, and they assured me that the wifi is unrestricted. We have a dedicated wifi for the farmbots, and it has worked well until this happened. If it is a firewall issue, shouldn’t the other 2 farmbots also have wifi connection problems?

I am out of ideas to try, please let me know if there are anything else that I can test out to confirm or rule out a possible problem. Thanks


@Connor, @Gabriel, and the farmbot team,

I would like to give an update on my farmbot since my last post. After continuing to try out everything I can think of to get the farmbot to connect through wifi in the past few days, I’ve had no success at all. I alternated between connecting with ethernet and wifi, but the wifi still did not want to work.

What I did notice though was that the farmbot was rapidly becoming unusable even when it was connected through ethernet. The Z-axis started stuttering and wouldn’t move consistently, then the x-axis started doing the same thing. It came to a point that the x and z axis would try to move but couldn’t, and movement errors became the norm. I did not make any setting changes throughout, but it was clear that something was breaking down over the course of a few short days.

During this time, when I unplugged the ethernet to try with wifi (after shutting down first), no lights would appear on the electronics box at all. I tried different SD cards without any success. I assumed the wifi part was pretty much dead along with the overall movements. The deterioration of the functionality of farmbot over the past couple of days was striking…

Today I decided to remove the entire farmbot and install a 4th one (the other 2 has been working fine all along). I used one of the SD cards that had been previously used on the broken farmbot, and ran the configuration. I am happy to say that the 4th farmbot runs fine through wifi!!:slight_smile: I still need to input a few sequences to test it, but all the axis run really smoothly using the control arrows.

I don’t know why and how this happened. I’ve looked through the forum and I haven’t found anyone else reporting something similar to what I experienced. This started when I updated to the latest OS version, maybe it is just a coincidence, I am not sure. We installed these 3 farmbots in August last year, so it has only been around 6 months. Thinking back, whenever I’ve had minor problems such as movement issues or syncing errors, it was almost always this particular farmbot giving us problems. So maybe it was a sign of things to come.

Sorry for the long post, but I would appreciate it if you guys could provide some answers to why this happened. Thanks


Glad to hear your device is up and running. Unfortunately WiFi is somewhat unstable at what would seem like a normal distance for most devices on the Raspberry Pi, so i suspect that is what is at play for you right now. It’s also possible there is a power deliver issue to the Raspberry Pi on this bot.



Thanks for the reply, I also started to suspect maybe it was a power delivery issue, but I don’t know how to test it. It definitely looks like there was something wrong with that particular farmbot and not the wifi network that were are using. Anyway, since I’ve got the new one working, I’m just gonna leave the broken one for now.


@connor @Gabriel would it be possible to include the supply power into the webapp and check it? I know that octopi currently has something built in where they warn for undervoltage of the supply of the Raspi so maybe we could do it in a similar way?


This is a great idea. I will search and see if this is an option without adding extra hardware