Configurator setup page not loading

So I’ve had trouble with my farmbot since day one last summer, never got it fully functional. Trying again now that winter is over.

I logged in and booted the bot, and it said it couldn’t find the Arduino. Everything else seemed to be working, I checked all the cables and they seem to be fine, and tried to update the farmbot but it kept refusing to do an over the air download. So I took out the card and flashed it with the latest software, and now when I connect to the farmbot wifi I get no configurator/sign in option like I used to.

Also, the lights went from a solid red with a slow flash green, to a solid red with a constant steady blinking green. I could have sworn there was a lights trouble shooting page but I can’t seem to find it. Anyone have any ideas? I keep trying to flash the new software, but maybe I should back it up a few updates? I have farmbot v1.2 I believe, running 6.4.1 (well, trying to run it anyway.)

Attaching some screenshots…

Disregard. I found Unable to Configure & Connect sharing the same issue and going directly to the ip address worked.