Did I destory a motor? (Z-Axis issues)

I was having trouble with the Z axis working. The encoder values read were always -1. So, I told this to tech support and they sent me a new motor. I installed it and the encoders seemed to work properly.
After replacing the motor, I would tell it to move up or down and it would twitch 3 times, the encoder value would go up (regardless of which direction I told it to go) and it would report a failure. So, I bought and applied the graphine spray and made sure things were pretty loose. However, in order to do so, I had to screw the bar until it was high enough to apply the graphine spray to the top. After doing that, the encoder for z axis is always reading -1 again. Did I destroy the motor? I’ve tried unplugging/replugging it, and it still returns -1.

If I replace this motor again, I don’t have much confidence that the Z-axis is likely to work. I’ve already used up all my vacation time on this and I’m quite frustrated.

So you had good and changing encoder values on the controls tab?

Picture of controls tab


You mean it stalled/blocked even when moving downwards? Sounds more like a misfunction on the motor driver/encoder to me if that assumption is right.

I’d say its not possible to destroy a motor/encoder that way. You could try to plug the encoder cable inside the electronics box into f.e. the Y-axis connector and see if you can read encoder values there.

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