Z motor failing to work properly

Hello. I had posted earlier, but didn’t follow up due to being so busy:

I attempted to switch the encoders board plug-ins for Y/Z, but by mistake I switched the motor plug-ins. When I tried moving the Z the Y jolted back and forth and didn’t move. So, I switched the encoders as well and now, with the Y/Z encoders AND motors swapped, I get the following:
When I instruct the Y axis to move, the Z axis actually moves! Progress! However, the encoder always returns -1. Thus, I get “failed to move” errors and I have to unlock it
When I instruct the Z axis to move, the Y axis twitches 3 times, and it doesn’t move much . However, the encoder values do update with seeming valid values.

Max Speed (MM/S) 80 80 80
Max speed toward home 20
Minimum Speed (MM/s) 10 10 10
Minimum speed toward home 10
Accelerate for 60 60 60
Accelerate for toward home 3

Always Power Motors No Yes Yes
Invert Motors No No No
Motor Current 100 100 100

Enable Encoders Yes Yes Yes
Use encoders for positioning No No No
Invert encoders No No No

Max missed steps 5 5 5
Note that when I replaced the Z axis motors, the encoder values looked valid for a few hours, but then went to already returning -1, which was what the last motor was returning.