Directory of active projects

Hi! I’m new here and super excited about Farmbot!

If it doesn’t already exist (I’ve searched quite a bit) I think it would be useful to have a directory of active Farmbot projects. I think this would help by both showing newcomers success stories, and what is possible with the Farmbot, as well as promoting in-person collaborations, visits, and communities. The resources offered here are great, but there’s nothing like seeing a project live.

If others agree, and there’s not already such a directory, perhaps people could share their “listing” here (description, location, link) and we could migrate it to the wiki if it becomes sizeable. Additionally, if anyone knows of projects which are already publishing their work, so there is clearly no confidentiality concern (ex: universities, companies, etc.), those could be shared here as well.


PS: Perhaps this belongs in the meta section, but as it’s also a call for contributions, and meta sections aren’t the most popular places, I put it here. Feel free to migrate.

Welcome to the forum @Chuck!

You can find a directory of some of the active and documented FarmBots here:, as well as other information that people have added.

There have been a few in-progress build documentation contributions in the Getting Started Category, such as Fluffy and Rory - adventures in FarmBot, and in the directory of FarmBots on the wiki, such as Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College FarmBot.

If I’m understanding correctly, this will now be the place to share links to documentation and media of functioning FarmBots! The links could be to forum topics, wiki pages, blog posts, social media, etc.

Expect to see much more activity soon after the FarmBot kits ship out at the end of this month!

Thank you both for the clarification. I had thought the directory of Farmbots was for different designs, not just different builds.

@Gabriel : Thanks, and I had found and enjoyed the Rory and Fluffy documented adventures. I suggested a directory like this because I had difficulty finding those types of threads without combing through the whole forum. But hopefully more people will document their projects on the wiki, and as you said, hopefully we’ll get some documentations of experiences with the production models!

Thanks again!