Enable bore-scope camera on v1.3


How do I enable the bore-scope camera, I have farmbot 1.3 hardware


The borescope camera is enabled by default. If it is not working, try:

  • Viewing any error logs on the logs page after pressing the Take Photo button (with log page filtering off)
  • Making sure the USB connector is plugged in to the Raspberry Pi
  • Making sure USB Camera is selected as the camera type in the Device widget
  • Unplugging the connector and plugging it back in (a different port or reboot can also be tried)
  • Connecting the camera without the USB adapter
  • Plugging the camera into a different device

Please share any camera error log messages you encounter here. You may also search the forum for related error messages.

If you determine that the USB camera or USB adapter cable is broken after troubleshooting, you can email support@farm.bot to inquire about replacement parts.