Failed to execute rpc_request: “Could not find sequence by id: 2580”

Hi, I finally managed to get the Farmbot working with the encoders. It can move accurately into all directions with no problem. I also added the coordinates for the tools.

The problem now is that anytime I try to create a new sequence, save it, sync and test, it comes back with the error message on the web app:

"Failed to execute rpc_request: “Could not find sequence by id: 2580”

Has anybody seen this and knows the solution maybe?

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I am also getting this after I restart. I try to sync but that doesn’t work. I was able to sync and test the sequences before the restart. Now I can’t run the sequences :(. I am using OS 5.0.2.

I ended up restarting it again then edit, save, sync the sequence and it started to work.

Same took a few restarts but it recognises them now.

Just restarted again and now I’m getting this error, posted it to help with the debugging.

Failed to execute rpc_request: “sequence error: %Farmbot.Database.Selectors.Error{message: “Could not find tool_slot with tool_id: 1028”, syncable: Farmbot.Database.Syncable.Point, syncable_id: 1028}”
AUG 20, 12:38PM

you ever figure out this synching issue?

lastnight i encountered this error and fixed it with a restart but now I’m having some weird syncing characteristics.

Sometimes it will automatically sync ad just stay on “synching” other times I’ll need to hit sync now and I do but all I get is sync error and other times it just automatically syncs itself ( which I don’t think that feature is implemented yet) and re-syncs in a constant loop.

pretty weird stuff, its not really affecting anything at the moment but its the same characteristics that occured before i had the missing sequence error.

I am no longer getting Failed to execute rpc_request… I was getting that as I had plugged some end stops in wrong.

I am sometimes getting the weird sync behaviour you talk about but it doesn’t stop me from doing stuff. The sync is just a bit buggy I guess.

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agreed, as long it isn’t interfering with sequence execution and movement commands than I’m fine with it. I just wanted to confirm that it wasn’t affecting your sequences and movement.

Thanks @whitecaps