FarmBot OS and WebApp post-v9

Discuss features and capabilities that we’d like to see ( soon ) in FarmbotOS and WebApp.
Specific ideas / API details are welcome :slight_smile:

Bigger-picture architectural issues can also be canvassed.

Kicking off : I’d like Lua 5.3 and expanded JS support all around :slight_smile:


Settable timeout periods on scripts, with a feedback mechanism indicating a timeout has occurred. This feature will help with chaining (and debugging) sets of scripts. Defaults for how long the timeout it (60 seconds) and whether the timeout stops all further execution (it should), should be included to address normal ‘consumer grade’ users’ expectations and desired behaviors.

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Big decision is whether to make Farmware i.e. python code that runs directly on the Pi, obsolete as I think that’s where we are heading.

I rely on my own Farmware a lot at the moment but I’m open to the idea of replacing it, if the alternative is better. I always thought it would be replaced anyway once the sequence builder matured.

Here is my original post on my ideas for Farmwares replacement, for discussion in this thread: Sequence code blocks and API calls

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(Fairly new to FarmBot here, but have an “old” V1.2 machine.)

Before adding more functionality, I would like to see better documentation and user guides. The YouTube videos are circa Version 7.x. The written documentation does not really support getting the farmbot going step-by-step. It is really lacking a good tutorial for teaching me how to actually get FarmBot to water my plants. Right now it seems that you need to have obscure tribal knowledge to get it working correctly. I would like to see pre-generated Test Validation sequences that you can run to verify that FarmBot is running correctly. If it passes sequence Test A, then great. If it fails sequence Test B, then here are your problems.

I am sure a FarmBot guru could bang away at my keyboard for 15 minutes and then say “Watch this. It is now watering your whole box.”

Need a good way for me to let FarmBot tech support log into my Bot and see what is going on and do some diagnostics or at least see all my settings.

Just my thoughts.


Hi @John_D

Agree 100% with the “How to water plants with FarmBot” video idea. I’ve noted this suggestion for when we film a new set of instructional videos.

As for the remote administration part, we actually already have this, though it can get tricky for us when:

  • people email us from a different address than the account they use for
  • The bot is having serious problems that prevent it from being connected to the internet (we can’t get a remote connection without an internet connection).

In the future, if you require remote admin support for your internet-connected FarmBot, please provide us with:

  • The email address that you use for (FarmBot will never ask for a password).
  • An order number (if your purchase email is different than your account email).

HI. I have noticed that the “send us a code” feature is not included in V9.x software as it is shown in the video.

It would be great if a FarmBot engineer could jump in and look at all my settings and mabye query the Raspberry Pi to make sure it is ok, etc.

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