FarmbotCore.Firmware.UARTCore problem

Yesterday I had this problem in my Farmbot’s log.

Failed to execute command: {:timeout, {GenServer, :call, [FarmbotCore.Firmware.UARTCore, {:start_job, “F82”}, 600000]}}

The controls view on the web app was flashing without any ability to control the bot.

I tried reflashing the micro SD card but could not get the new version farmbot-rpi3-14.1.1 to work so I have reverted back to farmbot-rpi3-13.1.0. This seems to have got the bot moving again.

If you have any experience of advice on this problem I’d be interested to know.

I’m having this problem too. @RickCarlino is looking into it for me.

Taking a look now @zmek @stre1026 Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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@zmek I just finished inspecting @stre1026 's device and unfortunately, the problem went away before we could isolate it.

If possible, could you please:

  1. Re-upgrade to 14.1.1
  2. Provide your device’s ID (you can find this by clicking the “CONNECTIVITY” button in the web app.
  3. Leave your device online so that I can inspect it remotely.

Once you upgrade to 14.1.1 again, I can remotely inspect your device.

If your plants are at risk and you cannot upgrade to 14.1.1 again: If you cannot risk leaving your device in an unstable state (eg: because they are caring for seedlings or there is extremely hot weather in your location), you may want to manually install version 14.1.0 for Genesis or version 14.1.0 for Express. This is the second latest version of FBOS and is a better downgrade option than version 13.1 which you mentioned.

Rick, hi i am having this problem as well, everything is connected ok, however i have a flashing UI on the web app and nothing is working, this started after the auto upgrade to firmware, it installed the firmware flash three times in a row and now it wont move (check the logs). I think i need to reflash the whole thing?? I am device 10735. thanks for your help, no big hurry, its raining and wet in sydney atm.

Hi @RickCarlino yes I can do this without putting my plants at risk. Can I check something first? I noticed that there is an option to reflash firmware within the app. Will this be enough to re-upgrade to 14.1.1, or do I need to physically extract the SD card and reflash manually?

@zmek Yes, flashing from the web app is fine for this issue.
@Jack I will take a look today. If possible, could you power cycle the device at some point today (unplug and replug from wall power)

Again, for anyone who might be tending to live plants, experiencing hot/dry weather, the instructions for downgrading are available here.

Hi @RickCarlino I reflashed from the web app. It appears that the flash was successful, but further attempts were initiated nonetheless. However, I haven’t (yet) had the problem with the controls


@zmek @Jack @stre1026 I just released a new beta release that will most likely fix your problem.

Instructions for how to upgrade to a beta release can be found here: Beta Updates | FarmBot Software Development Documentation

Never mind, more work is required on my end. Sorry.

@RickCarlino I just applied the beta for whatever it’s worth :slight_smile:

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Hi, no joy after the change to beta, at this point all buttons are flashing in the Axes and Encoders set up areas, as are usual movement arrows.
Further to your earlier message, i cycled the power over the weekend but that didnt address the issue.
Let me know what i can do from this end. thanks for your help @Jack

@Jack I am going to flash a beta release to your device right now. Sorry for the wait. This is our top priority right now.

Hi, flashing has stopped, i am not there right now, but i can check later today

@Jack @zmek @stre1026 I’ve upgraded everyone’s device to the beta release. Because this issue is hard to reproduce locally, I appreciate all the feedback. Assuming the main issue is gone, I can do a full release as early as tomorrow.


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