Farmduino, Servos and Set Servo Angle

Aloha Folks,

I am trying to get some servos working and am not sure where I am going wrong.
I am using the Set Servo Angle Farmware which I am assuming sends a PWM signal to the pin defined in the Farmware config, in my case I am using pins 4 and 5. The sequence is as follows:

I tried hooking up a servo directly to the servo pins on the Farmduino and I get no love.

I even lugged my oscilloscope out to the Farmbot and found no signals coming from pins 4 and 5, but was reading about 6 volts on the power pins. ![IMG_20190125_073500|666x500]
If anyone can suggest trying something, please do.

I’m super stuck at this point. Can @Gabriel or anyone from Farmbot suggest something I can try?
The only other route I can see is to add a uController like an Arduino pro mini to my custom tool and signal it via write-pin block.

I’m investigating the issue. In the meantime you could enable firmware logs in the logs page settings menu to make sure the command is being sent. (You should see an F61 if it is.) Be sure to disable firmware logs again after to not affect web browser performance.

Yup, looks like the command is being sent.

I’ve found and fixed a bug in the firmware. Servo control should work in the next release. Thank you for your detailed report of the issue!

@Gabriel Awesome, looking forward to it!

Servo control should now be working on any of the four servo pins (in FarmBot OS v7.0.1).

Awesome, I’ll check it out!

@Holualoa_School can you tell us how you use the servo? I am really curious :wink:

@Klimbim I was planning on making a post about the tool but didn’t want to detail it before I had success or failure.

@Gabriel works as advertised, mahalo!