Farmware and upcoming FarmBot OS releases

Hi FarmBot community,

Just a quick pre-release note for those of you running 3rd-party Farmware:

The next few major releases of FarmBot OS will include updates to the Farmware system that may affect how any added 3rd-party Farmware will run on your FarmBot.

FarmBot OS v7, which may be released as soon as Monday, now uses Python 3 rather than Python 2 when running Farmware. If you have added custom or 3rd-party Farmware, please check to make sure your FarmBot is still running as expected after the update. If you are a Farmware author, you can check your code for compatibility with Python 3 before the upgrade. You may choose to delay updating your FarmBot if you are aware of an incompatibility; remember to re-enable auto-updating after if you do.

Major FarmBot OS releases after v7 will use an improved Farmware API (currently planned for release with v8). If you are a Farmware developer using Farmware Tools (import farmware_tools), your Farmware is already prepared for the upgrade (as well as any future otherwise breaking changes to the Farmware API, as Farmware Tools will keep pace). If you have authored a Farmware that does not use the package, it is recommended that you begin replacing any FarmBot communication in your Farmware to use the farmware_tools package to facilitate a smooth upgrade. See the Farmware developer documentation for more information.

These changes will be made to support new features and to bring Farmware up to date with the current Python ecosystem. We’ve enjoyed seeing new Farmware sprout and grow, and we welcome any feedback about this process. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we hope you enjoy the updates!

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