[FARMWARE] Mother's Little Helper (MLH)


Hey @etcipnja sad to see that you’re in winter sleep mode… why did your bot die?


That’s really sad.
MLH was the thing that made farmbot to what it should have been.
I guess I have to build with sequences then… with 132 plants that’s a lot of fun :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope I can tinker a way around putting all this plants by hand but copy & paste them via postgreSQL…

What’s MD by the way?


Thank you for the kind words. And I guess nobody tried the iWatering mode with weather station integration yet. This was the most fun part.

MD=Maryland, USA

BTW: May be FB developers consider MLH to be an essential firmware and verify that updates are not breaking it? Just a thought :slight_smile:


well, first it started to reboot out of blue. I thought that it may be due to excessive drain from the battery/solar. I switched back to AC. Some time later AC power supply died so I had to switch back to the battery and now I can’t even login to the FB even though the LEDs are on (and no setup wifi visible). I decided to not tinker with it this season as “winter is coming” anyway.

Thank you,


Maybe i can take a deeper look into that, my SD-cardreader died from oxidation so I got myself a brandnew Raspberry 3b+. I’m excited to get that bot running again :seedling:.

Alright, i checked the functionality on master and staging server because I don’t use a local server. Looks like the farmware is still running on the official sever but may cause problems on self hosted ones. We’ll see if its just something else like a config error.


No I am so sorry. It is working now. I don’t know what I have done wrong before, but now it MLH 2.4.18 is running just fine.
You still have to change https into http on your personal server without https certificates - for all the other ones with self hosting servers reading this…


Does anyone know how to resolve the error message of:
" [MLH] Something went wrong: ‘<’ not supported between instances of ‘dict’ and ‘dict’"

thanks :slight_smile:


Guys, really sorry that I can’t help. I am in winter hibernation. I promise to come back to you in spring!