Farmware PySerial

Hello dear all

Can you please describe how we can help to include pyserial into the farmbot_os ?
That would be really convenient in the farmware

Thank you

For what purpose would you like to use pyserial? Unfortunately, it would not be possible to use it to communicate with the Arduino, since FarmBot OS is already connected. Commands must be sent through FarmBot OS using CeleryScript. If any additional commands are needed, feel free to open a feature request.

If you have another use for it, or need tips for sending commands from a farmware, I’d be happy to help.

Hi Gabriel,

I would like use pyserial for second arduino communication over usb, the goal is try sensors without modify farduino firmware


Ok, pyserial will be available in a future FarmBot OS release.

Thank you for the future release,

Can you help me for include pyserial in a custom img ?, i would like explore farmware opportunities

The easiest method is to run FarmBot OS locally on your computer using the development setup instructions and plug in the Arduino you will be using. You would then be using the pyserial already installed on your computer.

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for the tips ! I will use this for dev before next release.