Hardware upgrade packs = $$$

I want to upgrade the hardware from 1.1 to 1.4.

What do I need to buy from the store to achieve this?

A good idea would be selling upgrade packs on your store for different versions to the latest each time you bring out a new version. I expect you would make a lot of fast cash doing this. I don’t want to throw away my last Farmbot for a fully new one that would be wasteful.

I saw others had asked about upgrades but no one has responded to their questions :frowning:.

please add me to the list

What you need to buy to upgrade your FarmBot will be heavily dependent on your budget and what exactly you find worthwhile to upgrade.

Considering you are coming from a v1.1 device (which you must have built yourself) you may find it worthwhile to upgrade from 3D printed plastic parts to injection molded ones. We currently have v1.3 plastic parts partial kits in our shop, and will add the v1.4 one soon. They will be very similar.

You may want to upgrade from RAMPS to the new Farmduino included with the v1.4 kits. However, that will also require the new 24V power supply, 24V peripherals, and peripheral cables with the correct connectors. You may also need the new electronics box if the one you have isn’t big enough. You may also want to throw in newer motor and encoder cables to benefit from the unified connectors when installing all the new stuff. All of these parts I mentioned will be available in our shop soon.

You may want to upgrade to the new UTM featuring a PCB with pogo-pins. This would also require the new UTM cable, which would require a Farmduino to be plugged into (unless you used jumper wires from the cable connector to RAMPS).

You might want to reposition the vacuum pump to the z-axis, and/or the solenoid valve to the gantry column. We currently offer an upgrade kit for moving the vacuum pump and plan to offer a kit for moving the solenoid valve as well.

You maybe want to add an LED light strip to your FarmBot. We currently sell the 12V version and will be offering the 24V version in both standard and XL lengths soon.

There are other smaller ways in which you could “upgrade” your FarmBot to be more closely aligned with the v1.4 kit, though they are probably not worthwhile. You could browse the change logs in the documentation to see exactly what’s been changed from version to version if you do want to get into the nitty gritty.

As I’ve hopefully demonstrated in this post, there are many ways in which one could upgrade their hardware. Some ways are going to be expensive or time consuming for little gain, while others might be very worthwhile. We’ll do our best to offer upgrade kits that we think provide the most value to older customers and/or are the most requested. In addition, we’ll always try to stock and sell every part individually of the latest version of hardware so that people can select just the parts they want and benefit from the most flexibility when upgrading.

Now that all of the v1.4 full kit pre-orders have been sent out, we’ve started the process of adding all the v1.4 individual parts to our online shop. Stay tuned for the new upgrade kits and more.


Thanks Rory I’m looking forward to purchasing upgraded parts from your store :blush:. The Farmduino, cables and UTM with PCB look worthwhile.

I’ll take a look at the change logs and get back to you if I have any further questions.

The new Farmduino looks like a big improvement, I’m getting excited all over again.