HD Cam Farmbot image data limit


I’m currently working on a hd cam for the farmbot, I will do a topic at some point that everyone can follow

The problem I’m having is that the data limit is too low and won’t upload the images what ever resolution I set…

Is there any way to use my own data server Amazon etc

Do I need to run farmbot on my local server to achieve this

Failed to upload image (HTTP: 400): “EntityTooLarge




Update it’s now working :smiley: did you change my upload limit?

Here is a sample from the camera, I’m experimenting with a few different types to find the best suited one

Cheers Alex


@Outslayer First off, that is really cool!!! :smiley: Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am very excited to see the follow-up post about how you built it, and also your motivations behind the project.

I’m not sure what happened on the server-side, but currently, we have a 7 MB limit on attachments and the photos above are in the ~2 MB range.

If you can provide the camera model or more specifics about the project (such as steps to reproduce) I could take a look.

Thank you, I’m glad you like it

Sure, that would make sense.

Without compression it’s hitting around 5.94mb per photo.

Therefore, it’s possible that when I set it up initially, I hit the upload limit. I will be messing around some more later with the camera so I will report back if I have any problems.

The camera is a PI Camera 12.3mp IMX 477 attached to a arducam usb adaptor pcb

This way you can sacrifice the existing borescope and use the usb wire. I will list the correct wiring at some point.

I looked at using a hdmi converters/cable, but it wouldn’t last long.



Ps I will also be trying out the Arducam Mini 12.3MP HQ Camera which is the same foot print as the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 which will be more suited for outdoor use

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Hey Alex, I am currently experimenting with the V2 cam and the HDMI to ribbon cable adapter. Will keep you updated how it goes, currently printing the (hopefully) water tight grommet :wink:

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Hi Klimbim

Cool Looking good.

Looks like the picture is of nice quality too. Keep me updated on how you are getting on.

You could use a epoxy resin to waterproof the camera etc?

I used one that was semi permanent for another project

So you can then remove if you have a component failure

Cheers Alex

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