How do I add my own service in RaspberryPi



I would like setup a new service with Python, which supply monitor service.
In other words, I want to start a daemon python script, how should I do?



Currently daemons are not supported, but you can run a python script by packaging and installing it as a Farmware.


Thanks for your reply. Is there a API I can invoke the farmware remotely?


You can run a Farmware by selecting it and pressing RUN in the Farmware widget of the Web App. You can also type the name into the Run Farmware sequence step to run it in a sequence.


got it, Thanks :slight_smile:
Is there a way to run a farmware as cron job in high frequency?


You can schedule Sequences in Farm Events.


How to add new service? such as online weather access of any location to adjust the watering pattern?



As with any feature, someone has to develop it. Your options are:

  • Submit a feature request.
  • Develop and implement it yourself in Python as a Farmware as described in the documentation linked to above.
  • Develop a new software stack and run it yourself.
  • Modify the web app source code and run a self-hosted setup.
  • Modify the web app source code and submit a pull request.
  • A combination of the above approaches.

You can find examples of people in the community following any one of these paths here in the forum and elsewhere.