How to decrease water flow?

Hi !
The water flow is way to harsh on the young plants.
Has anyone found a solution ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@lemonnier_france Users who live in areas with high water pressure have mentioned purchasing “water hose pressure regulators” on sites like Amazon for this issue. I cannot offer any specific product recommendations, however.

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You could also try pluging in an adapter for a smaller size hose diameter. I imagine it would work the same way as a pressure regulator it might be cheaper.


Yes I did find a solution. I used a misting nozzle from a garden irrigation setup rather than the farmbot watering attachment. Works very well to protect young plants.

The thread showing how it works and the CAD model is here:



Wow thanks !

We considered that, but we feared the hose would be detached with the pressure (sorry for the rusty english ^^).

We’ll try. We also thought about designing and 3D-printing a small “water chamber” that would store the water without increasing the pressure in the tube.
It’s difficult to go forward givent that I wasn’t even given a toolbox for this project ahah :grin:

I’ll let you know how it goes !

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Update : we tried the old low-tech way by screwing pieces of fabric underneath the water tool. We’ll test tomorow !

@ClosedCircuit also provided a nice design:

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