Improvements to the seed drill developed by Liberty University

We are 3 students of the Institut Agro Dijon in France. We have to achieve a project on the Farmbot which involves making a seeder for the Farmbot.
We printed the liberty univesity’s seeder and we are we created other Turnstile to seed different cultures. (we’ll share our work with the community once it’s finished )
Our current problem is the grounding of the seed. We think use a seeding coulter, but we are afraid by the restistance of the z axis.
We will design the seeding coulter as finely as possible but we don’t know what is the traction power of the Farmbot ? and if the magnets of the UTM could be used as security if the soil is too hard?
We think size the coulter at 2 cm (0.78") large and sowing will be at 3 cm (1.18") depth.

the link of the seeder make by the Liberty University


Thanks for posting this work. We were thinking that people may use the rotary tool to drill a hole first and then use the seed drill to drop the seed into the hole:


The Z-Axis is not really meant to take too much resistance force and you could end up damaging the mechanical components and the Z-Axis motor if you do significant work with a seeding coulter.

Could you show us some ideas about your design. Perhaps you could show us a preliminary sketch or a conceptual design drawing?


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