Seed drill improvements created by Liberty University

Following the discussion of the 13th december 2023 view link
We have completed our project to develop a Seed drill for the Farmbot. We would therefore like to inform you of our progress. Our prototype (It name is Plantafin) works, but there’s room for improvement.
It principle is based on the idea of the Liberty University (, but we have add some changes.

Here is the Plantafin, a seed coulter and a part to attach the servo motor have been created. The axle has been change as well as Turnstile and cover to attach the Plantafin to the Farmbot are added.
this is the servomotor which we used

Main Body.STEP (1.3 MB)

The servo support :
servo support v2.SLDPRT (78.0 KB)

The seed coulter :
seed coulter.SLDPRT (192.5 KB)

The cover of the Plantafin
coverV2.SLDPRT (451.7 KB)

Two clips are necessary to attach the Plantafin to the Farmbot without pick up our seed drill.
clipsv3.STL (8.7 KB)

The turnstile have been change because the little seeds could be pass. We join you a turnstile for radish
Turnstile for radish 287 .SLDPRT (164.6 KB)
and turnstile without hole which can be change according to your seed.
turnstile whithout hole.SLDPRT (139.9 KB)

The axle have been refine to enter in the ring fixed on the servomotor through the “fixing star”.
axle.SLDPRT (67.0 KB)
fixing star “Fixing star”

The ring :
ring to connect servo with axle.SLDPRT (91.3 KB)

The furrow closer :
It’s necessary to increase it weight because isn’t effective or It’s possible to change by a chain or double disc.

After realise statistics test we have seen that only the distribution of radish seeds with the turnstile is acceptable.
So the main job to have a grat seed drill is the improvements of the turnstile to sow a lot of uncoated seeds. The secund job is the changes of the furrow closer.
We have tested the Plantafin on the Farmbot, the driving speed was 80 milimeter/second it’s not a problem for the z axis with moist soil but that would be interesting to test on harder ground…
Manon Marmonnier, Jean-loup Protti and Jean Renault.
Other videos and pictures to illustrate our project.


This is great work and we are excited to see your progress with the continued development of the seed drill design!

Can you show us some additional video of the results of the planting from your improved seed drill device? The video shows how the seed drill operates from the side view.

We would like to see the view looking straight down at the soil showing the results of the seed drill. We would like to know how the soil looks after the seed has been placed by your improved seed drill.

What are the minimum spacing requirements that you would expect with this new design?

How deep does your seed drill need to go into the soil for it to operate effectively?

Good job, this new version looks great!
Are the magnets not strong enough to hold the tool inside the toolmount? I’ve been thinking about permanent magnets inside the UTM that can reverse polarity by applying voltage when I made my version of the rotary weeder as it sometimes fell off when hitting obstacles or strong weeds.

You could try to make the furrow filler spring loaded, so it will be pushed down. Also make a sharper edge on the filler, so it pulls more soil into the furrow. But thats probably what you meant with the discs.

Hi Marc,
I enclose all of the videos. But we haven’t planting with the Plantafin because when we take videos, It was very cold to seed a plant. The only test to check the distribution of The Plantafin are indoor test.
Videos :

A picture which shows a problem to burying seeds.

The minimum spacing is defined by the width of the sowing coulter, and on seeding row we can make it stop the Plantafin where we would like with

If the soil is flat, the depth is defined by the seed depth of the plants. Else, It’s necessary to increase the depth or flatten the soil.

My answers are good for you?

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Okay thank you. Yes, we was create a clips to complet the magnets which are not strong. It’s good idea to complete the magnets with a reverse polarity as your idea to use spring. This idea can serve for the futur developer of the Plantafin.

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