Introducing gauge indicators for analog pins

this will be cool for water temp sensor, like the labview gauges in real time measuring

I am facing this common issue:

pipes and water inside the pipes are over heated due to sunlight exposure this water will kill the plants, the idea is to open the valve for some time until the water cools down looking at the gauge and let the program decide when to start watering plants, we could easily a temp sensor close to the water pipe to monitor its temp using the available UTM lines.

but it will require more modifications in the interface to make this more inteligent

what I do now is to water plants at night. at the morning, and if I will water at noon, introduce a open valve outside the pants area for some time using a dealy, until I feel that the water is cool enoght

Thanks for the feature request. A more graphical interface for sensor data is on our roadmap.

However, you may be able to use the current interface to accomplish the behavior you describe. You can add a temperature sensor to a pin (as you’ve mentioned), then read its value and evaluate it using an If step in the sequence builder. If the temperature is above a threshold (the water is too hot) you can run some water and read the sensor again, and if it’s below the threshold (water is cool enough), you can start your plant watering sequence.

By doing a search for, “Pierce” you will find his work with using gauges to sense and control water flow, outside temp, heaters, and switches. it can transmit the results in serial ascii. this is of value, because it uses the Arduino and Programs in C++. It feeds a serial ascii stream on a com port which can be read buy, "Makerplot " and many other serial Ascii graphical interpreters.



Sensor reading indicators have been released with today’s software update.