Is there a good place to find used Farmbots?

I am VERY interested in Farmbot, but with the high cost I am wondering if there is a good marketplace for near-new or gently used setups. Any advice or good sites?


I don’t know of a marketplace, but I’m about to upgrade from v1.2 to v1.3. I’d love to sell you the replaced parts if you’re interested. While it’s not a complete Farmbot, it’s some of the more expensive parts (most of the electronics, some of the tubing), so that should help. They’re all in good working order and gently used. Interested?


Thanks for replying…
What do you have and at what costs?
(A list of what I would need to get to make complete would be most welcome, too.)

Send me a PM or email me and we can discuss the details. As for a list, of everything needed, you’ll want to study the Bill of Materials (BOM) for v1.2 located here.

Here’s a quick list what I’ll have available after the upgrade (all parts are v1.2 unless otherwise specified):
1x Arduino MEGA 2560
1x RAMPS Shield
4x A4988 Stepper Drivers
1x USB Cable for powering the Arduino
1x Sockit Box
1x Electronics Box (front plate is opaque, not transparent…not a real issue and helps protect electronics from UV damage
1x Power Supply
1x Electronics mounting plate
1x UTM Cable
1x Vaccuum Pump Cable
1x Solenoid Valve Cable
1x Motor Cable Set (power)

I believe that covers most of what I’ll have available, so feel free to ask more questions. We can discuss further via PM.

Hello Intellebot Farmer,

If you comb the posts on the Forum you can find four or five posts for people selling their Farmbots. Check the “Uncategorized” section first.

What part of the world do you live in?

Good luck!

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I am starting a new build. What parts do you have left?

Check the uncategorized section of this forum. You can see several Farmbots for sale.


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I have a new one still in the box and just want something back so just asking $1,200 and you pay for shipping. I am located in Arizona email me at

Hello Joel,

Is your Farmbot a v1.4?


I believe so

It’s v1 but I will take $1,200 and that includes shipping. Email me at

I will take $1,200 and that includes shipping for mine that is still in the box never used but it’s V1

I am also selling my farmbot, because the company I tried to build based on it failed. It seems as I am not very good with Money.
All information can be found here: