Limit Switch Addition

Hi There,
Trying to get my Farmbot Express to home itself
Seeing as the express version doesn’t have any encoders and the stall detection is not functioning yet so I have decided to add some limit switches to the limits of the machine. Similar to how 3D printers work and most CNC machines.

Just a question, when wiring up the limit switch I want to make sure I have the wiring right. Have done a quick sketch of it. Could someone please confirm it’s correct. Thanks

If you’re running FBOS 12.0.1 ( may need to flash a new SDHC ) then you can try it out ( beta ); see

Thanks for the response. Yes, i am running the latest FBOS, and I have tried every setting to change any response in the system and nothing seems to make a difference. I’m wondering if there is an issue with the hardware. I’m spending hours trying different things but it all makes zero difference to the result.

Any idea about the limit switches?
I see that the pins on the board deviate from standard when it comes to the inputs and outputs of limit switches. I can’t find anywhere in the docs where it says which one is the signal pin. I can only assume but I don’t want magic smoke.