Live streaming the borehole camera to LAN


It would be great to be able to access a stream from the camera on the local area network. Having it go to the cloud and back would be cool too, but is a nice-to-have rather than essential.

Here’s the use case: I’d like to use a external Python app with deep learning to identify and track the plants as the gantry moves. This would run on a PC on the local WiFi/ Ethernet network and also access the REST API and message broker.

I assume getting the camera to stream locally should be relatively easy, assuming FarmbotOS is running on top of a Linux distro of some sort.

I’ve worked on a similar agritech project for my PhD: a lettuce harvesting robot. I’d like to apply some of this tech to my new genesis XL!

Here’s the paper, for anyone interested:

Simon Birrell

FarmBotOS is the C and Elixir/Erlang-based code and the OTP Erlang runtime.
This runs as a handful of Linux processes on a Buildroot-based Linux OS which not really a “distro” as such but is a hand-crafted Linux build tailored for and cross-compiled for the target platform : Raspberry Pi.

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@SimonB Did you search this forum ? I found this post which still seems relevant :slight_smile:

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@SimonB at least your post is in the most promising category :slight_smile:
This feature should be readily accomplished with a tweaked version of farmbot_system_rpi3 Elixir/Nerves package.

Thanks for the clarification - I’d looked through the FarmBotOS docs but couldn’t find out the underlying infrastructure.

Buildroot seems to support gstreamer, so integration would presumably not be too hard:


One more comment: even if Pi to cloud streaming is implemented, it would still be important to also have The option of local area streaming, to keep latency low. Visual servoing of the UTM down to the plant, for example, would only be practical with this feature.

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