Log messages rows to unlimited

Please extend the log messages to unlimited in the message log. At the moment it gets spammed with ntp requests and stuff and the important things are not displayed, because they roll out of the logs… Please add the dates as well!

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We are working on increasing the ratio of useful log messages in the next release.

This has been improved in v5.0.0. See v5.0.0 Software Update for additional information.

How many lines do you display at the moment?

What does the [Filtered] message mean in the rollbar?

[FILTERED] will no longer display in the ticker; it meant that a log message from FarmBot OS was filtered (file system operations, etc.). The ticker can display up to 100 logs.

Hi @Gabriel, as there is not other way of looking up log files and for some reason you are constraining the max. amount of log messages: Would it be better for you to create something like a list item at another location (device e.g.?) to show all of the log file? Even since the first start of the farmbot? How can I access this logfile otherwise?

It´s really annoying to ask for “standard” system things like these log messages, I really don`t get why you are this restrained with them. Normally (and for sure in this alpha stadium) you cannot have enough log messages. The user could for example activate a verbose mode in which all of the filtered log messages are displayed as well…?!

Logs are filtered for security reasons and for file system operations, both of which cannot be displayed in the web app. Needing to view a log message from several weeks ago is absolutely a power user feature that we plan on implementing in the future. However, being able to view the last 100 log messages is enough for most users.