Looking for "auto-sync" option

Hello everyone !
I want to let 10 pairs of students work simultaneously on sequences, and I would like to deactivate the “Auto-sync” option to avoid overloading the Farmbot.
On version 10.1, I can no longer find this option … does it still exist?
Thank you !

Hi @CoutancesNature.

This feature is mentioned in the August 19 Software Update notes :slight_smile:

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@CoutancesNature Auto sync opt-out was created several years ago to create a transition period for older (FBOS < v6) devices that did not support auto-sync. Our long term plan was to make auto sync the default and only option. We based this decision on the fact that only about ~5% of users were opting out of auto sync. We also received a number of customer service requests from customers that were confused about what auto-sync was, or who erroneously disabled it and contacted us for support when the device began to operate in unexpected ways.

If you are experiencing a service outage related to this change:

  • Temporarily disable auto-update.
  • Downgrade to a previous version, such as v10.1.4.
  • Send an email to contact@farmbot.io so that we can remotely disable auto sync for your account (it is no longer possible to opt-in from the UI).

I would be curious to learn more about your use case so that we can update the software to accommodate your usage. How does your device currently behave when using it in a classroom with auto-sync enabled?

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Thanks for your reply !
My class worked on the farmbot this morning, with 10 groups on the app at the same time. It was very nice, the application did not saturate. Great !
It was much more difficult the last time with a class (January 2019) with only 6 groups at the same time: the application was having a hard time absorbing all the requests from the students.
Well done for the improvements!


I’m glad to hear that @CoutancesNature.

If you hit any issues that you did not see before, please let us know and we will investigate.

Have a great day!