Looking for Farmbot Simulator

Hello !
I’m a teacher in an agriculture scool in France
I am a teacher in an agricultural school in France, and I would like my students to program the bot. Is there a virtual Farmbot where they can create their sequences without any risk, before I copy the finished sequences on the real bot?

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@CoutancesNature This is something we have wanted to do for quite some time, but there is currently no simulator. Some members of the community have expressed an interest in building a third-party simulator, but we have not seen anything published yet.

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Just thought about that. I am a unity developer as well. How about building a 3d simulation of the farmbot?

I also would be very interested in a simulator. I am a agriculture coordinator at the Alabama institute for the Deaf and Blind. I could use the simulator to develop a braille system for blind students. After they master the simulator i could turn them loose on the real thing. Please keep me updated on the simulator.


If I was to install the OS on a spare rpi3 without the Farmduino and the other components, does the my.farmbot interface function properly? Could students create sequences and layout plants? Could they run or test sequences without the feedback from the farmduino?

Hi @rob.niedermeyer . . I just tested this for you, as I don’t yet have a real bot, simply the 24V FarmBot power supply powering my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus and my v1.4 Farmduino controller. I unplugged the Farmduino USB cable to do these tests.


Yes, but Movement commands, Pin Control, ( anything needing a live Farmduino ) will error out quickly.

PS @rob.niedermeyer . . the cost of a Farmduino board to build a more capable training simulator is modest . . problem is that those Farmduino v1.4 boards seem to be unavailable presently.


This is an interesting topic, Im over here in Washington state we are planning to have 3 farmbot up and running by the end of the year but a simulator would allow for more people to learn with out having to physically come.

I was wondering about the Farmbot 3d model that already exist and whether or not any body has started using that as a simulation model or connecting that to a physical Farmbot?

@kkobald do you think it would be possible through unity?

That is for sure possible. The question is, if the app can be pointed to a different api endpoint which would be the computer where the unity app is running on. There the software that usually sits on the raspberry has to run maybe inside a docker container which then talks to the unity app. The Unity app would act as the farmduino. But this I do not know: is this also a simple json api or fancy binary stuff? Should it be the latter then it might get a bit more complicated.
And a big question is: would there be funding for that?