Looking for Farmbot Simulator

Hello !
I’m a teacher in an agriculture scool in France
I am a teacher in an agricultural school in France, and I would like my students to program the bot. Is there a virtual Farmbot where they can create their sequences without any risk, before I copy the finished sequences on the real bot?

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@CoutancesNature This is something we have wanted to do for quite some time, but there is currently no simulator. Some members of the community have expressed an interest in building a third-party simulator, but we have not seen anything published yet.

Just thought about that. I am a unity developer as well. How about building a 3d simulation of the farmbot?

I also would be very interested in a simulator. I am a agriculture coordinator at the Alabama institute for the Deaf and Blind. I could use the simulator to develop a braille system for blind students. After they master the simulator i could turn them loose on the real thing. Please keep me updated on the simulator.