Measure Soil Height Alpha

Hi all,

Today we’re making an exciting new feature available as a public alpha: the ability to measure the height of the soil using just FarmBot’s camera and some fancy stereo photography magic :sparkles:

We’re hoping to gain feedback from those of you willing to try it out in this early stage :slightly_smiling_face: Some information that would be useful:

  • What are the overall results you’re seeing? (Accurate? Biased in one direction? Lots of outliers? etc)
  • How was your overall experience with calibration and scanning? (Confusing? Easy enough? Time consuming? etc)
  • Please describe or share a photo of the environment you are working with (type of soil/mulch, lighting, plants, etc)
  • Did the process ever fail? If so, please describe the circumstances.

To get started, check out this new page on the software documentation hub:

And for a deep dive into the inner workings, see the developer docs here, and source code here.

We look forward to your feedback!


This seems like a good and V useful solution to what has been, for me anyway, a bit of a bugbear. I am just waiting for the camera cable to arrive from you, so that I can set up a permanent camera, then I’ll provide feedback.