Move Absolute Modification


I propose modifying the Move Absolute block to include check boxes for each axis like the following mockup:

An example of why this would be useful is when the UTM is in some unknown location and you want to zero out just the Z axis before any other movement.

This is something I wanted as soon as I started making sequences and I have seen another post asking for the same thing, but not quite in the right way.

I imagine that the block would default to having all 3 axes checked and all 3 offsets unchecked. Typing a number into any of the number fields would check the box and unchecking a box would clear the field.


In this example, you probably want to use “Find home” for Z-axis instead.

Having checkboxes may make the resulting movement, for which axis will move, more clear for unexperienced users. Maybe this makes sense if its not too much work.


I agree that the Find Home block would somewhat work in this case but the movement is slow and does time out if extended too far.
I am aware that you can change the settings of the homing speed and timeout but I would argue that those settings are what they are by default for a reason and changing them for a workaround seems messy to me.