Move Absolute only on Z axis

Hi everyone. I have a suggestion. When the Farmbot is moving it can hit plants or toolbays. Moving UTM to the “safe” height before any following action would solve the problem. But there is no way to perform absolute move for a single axis!

@Elon This is a very popular feature request which has been referred to as “Safe-Z”. It has not yet been implemented in FarmBot OS, but it is on the roadmap for implementation eventually. It can be found on our software project tracker.

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@Elon Here is a way to work around the fact that FBOS does not yet support “Safe-Z” operations.

Main Sequence (Recursive)

Sub Sequence (Moves Z +10 Incrementally)


Thanks, that is really helpful

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A rather simple and easy to understand change would be to add “Current Farmbot Location” to the “coordinates” dropdown. And ideally also in location variable dropdown.

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Maybe add a feature request?

Thanks for the idea. I had not imagined that it was possible to solve this issue with the sequence editor. The solution appeared a little slow to me so I did a modification to accelerate the process. Note that my zero position is at the highest point of the end effector.