MQTT communication Error on Local Server

I’m trying to gather some info on current issues that others may be having with their local servers and the MQTT.

We’ve got someone working on the server for us and he has encountered some issues along the way so I thought id start the conversation of what might be the problem/If there are any current issues that you are aware of with the MQTT.

Our local front end of the FarmBot Web App is up and running but we cannot send communication commands between the Web App and the FarmBot.
(Soon I’m expecting our Server Admin will be able to get onto the forums and weigh in on his expertise of the issue, hopefully, that will help more.)


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Yes Thank you Chris! I have the server working but the error is at this point…

no no connection to MQTT server because ports to server are already in use!!!

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I assume the terminal window in the screenshot is the terminal in which you have run rails api:start. Did you run rails mqtt:start in the same directory in a second terminal window? What error message did you get?

Welcome @kc6esn!

Really hoping we can finalize the server and get the whole thing up and running!

Also thanks Gabriel for following up on this post.

@Gabriel Do you know of any users that do have their FarmBot local server fully up and running? :open_mouth:

I regularly run a local server for development.

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oh well, that’s great news to hear!

looking forward to finalizing our server. We’ve been going at this for a while now.

@kc6esn Can you provide Gabriel with any error codes or screenshots of the error encounters?

Hello, ok hope this helps. This is coming from my terminal directly :

So I start rails api:start command and get this:

I then open a webpage and go to

Opens to :

Then I get this status but no matter how I try to start the MQTT using rail mqtt:start command, no MQTT gateway is found…

It seems like the program is working but I want to make sure the MQTT server works as I have this on a VM and need to transfer it eventually to a real machine. Does the MQTT server connectivity indicator go green only when the Farmbot arm is connected or will it go green even if the Farmbot arm is disconnected?

And is this error normal or is there something I am missing?

Seems like the rest of the program will work :

Application.yml settings: