password reset fails



being unable to login to, I tried the password reset procedure. I got the mail with the reset link, but the link does not work. The page does not load, i’ve juste got in the bottom bar “waiting for

Tested with firefox and chromium


@nicolas Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will take a look right now.

I have received reports this week from institutional users that our emails are being blocked. If your email is filtered by an IT department, it is advisable to inquire with them about accidentally blocking FarmBot emails.

I will let you know what I find after investigating this issue.


@nicolas Password resets appear to be working, as I was able to perform a new account signup / password change / password reset on

Please let me know if there are any special circumstances that we should be aware of. My guess would be that your password reset email is being filtered.


Thanks for your rapid answer.

I’ve got the reset mail but the link page does not load.
It’s via a gmail account with Chromium or Firefox.

I tried to cut/paste the link

With chromium I have no browser extensions enabled

Which browser do you use?

I tried too with my android phone (on 4g network and wifi) with 2 different browsers, same problem.

Maybe a trouble with my account? Maybe you can reset or delete it?

To be able to continue, I’ve created another account with another of my addresses


@nicolas I tested it on Chrome with GMail. If you private message me your email I can take a look.