New Shared Sequence: One Step Photo Grid

Greetings, FarmBot community!

Today we are happy to announce the release of our first public sequence: One Step Photo Grid.

This is a new public sequence that allows you to take a photo of the entire garden bed in a single command. Aside from camera calibration, no other configuration is required. Previously, this would require the creation of a grid overlay or custom Lua code. This sequence eliminates the need for low-level tinkering by abstracting everything into a single sequence that can be called from FarmEvents or via the RUN button.


To install the sequence, open the shared sequence page and click IMPORT:


The sequence executes like any other sequence. To try it out, click the RUN button after importing:


This is our first publicly shared sequence. Please let us know what you think! We appreciate bug reports and ideas for future shared sequences.


Love it. Like to see more of these. Thank you!

:tada: Thanks @jimcowan

I’m glad you like it and I’m happy to write more if you have ideas for new ones. We’re working hard to publish many in the coming months.

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