New tool for UTM

It would be nice if there were an option to purchase additional tools for the UTM. One tool that would be useful for people to generate image datasets for machine learning would be a camera tool that has pan/tilt functionality, and a better camera than the borescope.

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@jziprick We spent a lot of time this year doing R&D for a rotary trimmer UTM tool that will be available for purchase once the 1.6 kits are available. We also keep CAD models available for the creation of custom tools by DIY users.

We have already seen some users building pan/tilt controls for custom cameras among forum users. Here’s one example:

With regards to the borescope, we do agree that it needs improvement. One of the big issues we’ve had is finding a manufacturer that can source a camera that is 1. High quality / high resolution 2. Weatherproof 3. Fits a form factor that makes sense for a FarmBot.

To our surprise, a camera that meets those requirements is surprisingly hard to find (and at our scale, developing a custom camera would be difficult).

So to answer your question, we don’t have plans to build the hardware you are proposing, but more UTM tools will be available in the next hardware revision.

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