Options of different languages

On the log in page (https://my.farmbot.io/) or after log in, shall we have option buttons to choose different languages?

As I mentioned in another post, user ‘hx244808’ made a great contribution of translation the control pages from English to Chinese. However, all the instructions of how to set Sequences are in English. It is confused when learning how to set up Sequences. I don’t know how the web server recognizes that I’m a Chinese language user. The control pages keep showing Chinese buttons and I have no way to change it back to English.

Another way to solve this problem is to use bilingual buttons on the page, but I guess that having language options on the log in page is easier to achieve.

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An option to change the web app language back to English has been included in today’s software update. The option can be found directly below Account Settings. Follow the above link for a screenshot.