September 3, 2017 Software Update

We updated today with the following new features and fixes:


  • Ability to disable/enable internationalization (translation). (Thanks to William for the feature request.)
  • Improved formatting of multi-line alert and toast messages.
  • Added internationalization calls to more message strings. (Interested in helping translate?)
  • Ability for unverified users to re-send the verification email. (Thanks to burm0248 for reporting the issue.)
  • Added more tests and fixes bugs throughout the app.

Farm Designer:

  • Display a crosshair and the snapped coordinates while a plant is dragged.
  • Fixed a bug related to legend width that occurred on some devices.
  • Display indicators for plants which are horizontally or vertically aligned with the plant being edited.
  • Display thin full-height and full-width lines on the map when a plant is edited to aid with grid and garden alignment.
  • Fixed bug related to plant spread.
  • All garden map settings now persist across app page navigation and refreshes.
  • Show limit lines (movement bounds) on map if STOP AT HOME or STOP AT MAX are enabled to visualize where FarmBot can and cannot move.

Device page:

  • Disable the OS update button while an update is downloading.
  • Load camera selection on page load.
  • Minimum and maximum speed validation.

Farmware page:

  • Disable the NEXT or PREV button if there are no more images to flip through in that direction.
  • Added a DELETE PHOTO button to delete the current photo after confirmation.

Today’s software release does not include an update to FarmBotOS.