Pre-Order deliveries being delayed

I ordered my Farmbot Express in July of last year. Originally it was supposed to ship in November. Then it was delayed to December. Then it was delayed until January. Now it is being delayed until February. Has ANYONE actually received a Farmbot Express???

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Fair question. As a Pre-Order Customer, have you not had informative personal order update communications ?

We haven’t shipped any new kits to customers yet, but much of the production is finished or near completion. Here is a more in-depth update: Genesis v1.5 and Express v1.0 Manufacturing and Shipping Update

I apologize for the shipping delay. As a very small team (3.5 people on payroll) we do everything we can to deliver in a timely manner, but also to continue openly innovating on all aspects of FarmBot. In 2019, just on the hardware side of the house that included the launch of lower cost Express devices and MAX-sized kits, both things we could have put off for a year or more, but instead we dug in deep.

Hoping you got a few more weeks in patience left! The new hardware is worth it :wink:

Hey Rory,
Thank you very much for your feedback. I understand how difficult it is to run a business (I own a company). The key to giving disappointing news is communication. When you don’t get any real information on WHY there is a delay, there is a human tendency to think the worst! Thank you for giving me a detailed response. I know it will be worth the wait. BTW, my compliments to Marc. He has been VERY helpful in giving me great information. I am upgrading to your Genesis model. Have a great day! Rob