Problems planting seeds - Solution - Create a hole maker

I want having problem when automatically planting seeds in that often the seed would be pulled off the needle on the inserting into the ground. This then caused the needle to clog up with dirt. Not good.

Solution - Create a hole maker and hole closer.

I have designed both tools and 3D printed them. I pinched the magnets off one of the other tools and the hole maker works perfectly. I have ordered some magnets and hope to have them all working with a four stage plant sequence. Hole open, drop seed, close hole, water.

Has anyone else had problems with the planting sequence in loosing seeds on the way into the ground or have I over engineered a solution?


Hi @mvillion seems you’re not the first to devise such a solution . . forum search can be useful :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the reply. I think I need to search a bit harder next time.
Truth be told, I wanted to craft the ‘puck’ so I can make anything I want. I have now made a hole maker and a hole closer. I am also going to build a better water dispenser as well as it is not a spray, but more of a splurg which I am finding tends to dig holes. :slight_smile:

I do very much appreciate your correspondence. Maybe it is the subjects I am posting, but you are the only person who replies, and I am grateful to hear from you.

I see so much potential with FB and the build was easy. A few challenges along the way and the instructions were wrong in a couple of places but over all it was easy.

Once built though, that is a different matter. It was like - you are on your own buddy!

There were no instructions on how to actually use FB. The basics are there but an example of measuring the soil height and programming it to plant and FULLY care for three seeds would have been brilliant. If you can make a robot care for three seeds, you can expand from there to anything.
Then the problems I have experienced with loosing seeds (hence the above tool), digging holes with water and the other issues have been a little annoying but strangely fun at the same time. I am totally loving working it out but I think it would have been nice to have a clear path which I could deviate from would have been better. (For me anyway).

One thing is true is I am having fun, even with all of the challenges. My wife is just happy that at least I am getting out of my office and going into the garden, even if it is to fix my robot. LOL.


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