Problems with X-Axis belts



I’m having some problems with the x-axis drivetrain (in other words the gantry). When moving the gantry, the belts become stuck underneath the V-wheels in the direction of travel. Please see the pictures below.

I have made sure that my x-axis tracks are straight - I have even removed the second track to only use one… I have checked that the gantry is square. I tried changing the orientation of the pulley to ensure that the belt runs vertically.

What is strange is that the y-axis movement of the z-axis assembly works perfectly.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Just my off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts:
1). Is it possible that the belt is twisted one revolution (or more) inside the vertical gantry beam?
2). Could the belt be tensioned too much? (too tight)



Are you able to shoot a video and upload it to the Forum so that we can see and hear what is going on with your Farmbot?


Hi Intelbotfarmer, Marc,

Thanks for the quick replies!

I loosened the tension of the belts and that seemed to fix the problem. I’ll take a video of the bot when I’ve hooked up all the electronics and post it for some more input.

Really appreciate the help!