Read sensor in a sequence

I can’t save a sequence including read sensor with mode ANALOG.
The error is
" Error Body: ‘read_pin’ has unexpected arguments: [:pin_value]. Allowed arguments: [:pin_number, :label, :pin_mode]"
Where is my mistake?
I have change the version of FarmOS, also I reset Hardware parameters, and I don’t know what to do, because the problem persist.
I supose that I am making a mistake programing, I have tried to create a sequence with the instruccion READ SENSOR alone, or with more intruccions and many things but I can’t
Can you help me?
Thank you


What version is running now ?
What FarmBot machine type and version ( hardware, etc. ) do you use ?
Can you post WebApp screen shot of your Sequence ?

( Makes easier to help you :slight_smile: )

[edit 0] Ok, I can reproduce your issue ( Web App commit E1312C3B ) and I suppose @Gabriel and @RickCarlino are the best ones to fix this :wink: )


Yes, I think the problem is in the Web App
Thank you

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@terquin You are correct, this is a bug in the web app. @Gabriel has already fixed this issue and I will deploy a fix most likely today before close of business.


Thank you!!