Run Farmware add drop down menu in sequences

Could you please insert a drop down menu for the run farmware sequence? This would enable one to
really select a farmware plugin which is installed. Morevore the name of the plugin and the name which should be chosen in this farmware differ. If I look into the farmware installer page, it says for instance WeedStop 1.0.0 but the name is only WeedStomp…

I agree with this request, but I thought this was already available …

Btw, I edited the thread title to a little shorter one. It’s not that hard to fill the title with words containing 15 characters.

I thought it might be incentive enough to once again highlighten this nonsense rule. Reducing it to 10 or less characters should work as well… :wink:

The 15-character minimum requirement was chosen deliberately to encourage descriptive topic titles which make it easier for forum users to understand what a topic is about and to find information.

Even the current topic title could be more descriptive, since running Farmware in sequences is already an implemented feature.

Gabriel you won, I modified it :wink:

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in addition to drop-down menu, could you add input value in run farmware sequence ?


This feature has been released with today’s software update.